Kingdom-Word ministries was founded by Dr Daniel Bankole Olusina and his wife, Ufuoma Tolu Olusina in May 2001, KINGDOM-WORD MINISTRIES is set up to propagate the preaching of the word of the kingdom.


Kingdom-Word Ministries is a not-for-profit Christian organization that is funded solely by the free-will gifts of members and non-members. The main activities of Kingdom-Word Ministries are centered on the teaching of the Word of God by Pastor Bankie Olusina and the publication and distribution of these teachings.

The activities include publications of books and free teaching tracts, teaching outreaches (seminars), broadcasting on many radio and TV stations, production of Audio CDs, MP3 CDs and DVD-videos.

Also, in the ministry office, teaching meetings are held every Saturday and prayer meetings every Tuesday, every month apart from the month of December.

Pastor Bankie also ministers by invitation in many churches.


At Kingdom-Word Ministries we believe that the separation of the Body of Christ from the world will be effected by the church living according to the principles of the kingdom. Christians are to fully follow the Lord, and they will do this by knowing His promises, understanding the principles of the kingdom, and obeying God's commandments for their lives. We believe that righteousness has power and the power therein rules over all. We believe that to reach the whole world with the gospel of Christ, the church must first of all be separate in spirit. True faith is to be used to follow the pre-ordained will of God for the lives of Christians.

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