Freedom and Boundaries

Excessive freedom is bondage disguised. Everything in life has boundaries. Adam and Eve had everything in the garden EXCEPT the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. No matter what God has given you, there is a boundary that you must not cross otherwise you lose everything. Wisdom is to learn the boundaries of things you feel so free about. Pastor Bankie

Truth and Freedom Indeed

The volume of the knowledge of truth in your head is not what makes you free; it is the one that affects your decisions that is actually working in your life. Truth makes demands in the process of setting you free and freedom is only yours as you make decisions that are in line with the truth you know. Obedience is the true sign of faith; the Word is not working in you until it affects the decisions you are making Pastor Bankie

Real pleasure, Henry Ford

There is a pleasure in feeling that you have made others happy-that you have lessened in some degree the burdens of your fellow-men that you have provided a margin out of which may be had pleasure and saving. Good-will is one of the few really important assets of life. A determined man can win almost anything that he goes after, but unless, in his getting, he gains good will he has not profited much Henry Ford

Foundation of real business, Henry Ford

My own short experience, together with what I saw going on around me, was quite enough proof that business as a mere money-making game was not worth giving much thought to and was distinctly no place for a man who wanted to accomplish anything. For the only foundation of real business is service. Henry Ford

Money and Service

Being greedy for money is the surest way not to get it, but when one serves for the
sake of service - for the satisfaction of doing that which one believes to be right - then money abundantly takes care of itself. Money comes naturally as the result of service. And it is absolutely necessary to have money. But we do not want to forget that the end of money is not ease but the opportunity to perform more service. In my mind nothing is more abhorrent than a life of ease. None of us has any right to ease. Henry Ford

Are Men Equal, Henry Ford

There can be no greater absurdity and no greater disservice to humanity in general than to insist that all men are equal. Most certainly all men are not equal, and any democratic conception which strives to make men equal is only an effort to block progress. Men cannot be of equal service. The men of larger ability are less numerous than the men of smaller ability; it is possible for a mass of the smaller men to pull the
larger ones down - but in so doing they pull themselves down. It is the larger men who give the leadership to the community and enable the smaller men to live with less effort Henry Ford

A wife

A wife is a companion by covenant. She is not your inferior in any way but a joint-heir with you, equal in every degree. She is not subordinate because of inferiority but because of the need to have the proper flow of power in the home. Her role is that of a second-in-command; before God her position is just as important as yours and her personality is as unique as yours. Her reward will be determined by how well she fulfills her function while yours will also be determined by how well you fulfill yours. You are not, as a man, constitutionally better than her at all. Pastor Bankie

Habitual sower of seed, Bankie

The doing of good must be continuous, and then the due time will come. You cannot give once to get the widow of Zarephath’s harvest. Giving a certain offering to get a certain harvest is most of the time a waste of time and money. If you are not ready to be a habitual sower, don’t bother starting because it will not help you Pastor Bankie

The Word and you, Bankie

If your life is different from what the word describes, that does not make the word of God faulty; it only means that your life needs to be rearranged. Your life and experience do not at all validate or invalidate the word of God. If you accept the word, it will create for you a whole new set of experiences. The Bible says that God calls those things that are not as though they were. That means that when God is speaking, he is not trying to describe situations, he is creating them. Pastor Bankie

Faithful outside

The way by which our Master, Christ Jesus, judges us is first from what we are doing in our secular jobs. We cannot feign faithfulness to God by doing well in church because He really does not look there; He would have first looked at your attitude at your secular jobs before anything else. Pastor Bankie

To be transformed, Pastor Bankie

To be transformed into the image of Christ is the main work that we have to do as believers. When we realize this, our approach to the things of God will be different. Please you must understand that what the Lord really wants from us is to see that everyday, progressively, we are getting closer to that image of Christ. It must be continual and we must see it as a mission. Paul saw it as a mission, something to be pursued with vigour. Pastor Bankie


Learning is the foundation of real spiritual work; our first emphasis must be to learn. It must not be activity. Jesus said the way by which you take His yoke upon you is by learning of Him. As you learn of the Lord, His Spirit is transferred into your heart so that you will be able to do the work that is pleasing to God. God does not like surprises, even if it is motivated by what you think is love for God. The fact is that love for God is defined by obedience. You cannot do anything strange and think that you will impress Him. Everything you do for God must be as He commanded and as His Spirit inside you stimulates, otherwise it is not acceptable to Him. Pastor Bankie

The foundation of working for God

The foundation of working for God is to learn of Him, to get to know Him and become like Him. This is what is lacking most times among those who want to work in churches. Pastor Bankie

Ministry, Pastor Bankie

Ministry is not just about healing the sick and raising the dead and shouting ‘repent’ from the rooftops; there is ministry in every sphere of life. it is ministry to live a honest and decent life; to abhor what is evil and to succeed despite not being crooked. I am in ministry when I focus on putting excellence into my secular work and to work with God therein until the manifestation of God appears therein. Pastor Bankie


Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration, generated by passion, motivated by a vision, born from a conviction, produced by a (sense of) purpose. Myles Munroe


Whoever you inspire you can influence. Inspiration is more powerful than an army. When you inspire you don’t need to threaten. Whoever you can’t inspire you tend to manipulate. Myles Munroe

Corporate Success

The master key to corporate success is vision. The master key to leadership success is corporate unity. The master key to unity is vision. The master key to vision is singleness of purpose. Myles Munroe

Blessings and time

The blessings of God come at a time they will note become a curse; even though they are slow yet they are sure. I’ll rather be slow and sure than be fast and fail. David Oyedepo


Life is in phases, and men are in sizes; so live your size per time. David Oyedepo

Worshipping in the spirit

Worshipping in the spirit does not at all imply that you have lost control, are ‘lost in the spirit’, or that you are speaking in other tongues. Many believe that worship is in the spirit only when unusual things are happening and people are falling under the influence of the power of God. No No! O yes there are times of worship when you will become lost to the natural realm and indeed it will appear like things are out of your control, but that is not the only time that you are worshipping in spirit. To worship in spirit is to do things out of personal persuasion and out of a deep relationship. That is what God is seeking. Pastor Bankie

Eyes focused

“Let your heart be perfectly at rest concerning our future for it is in the best of hands. I can see that future far more clearly than I can solve the mysteries of the immediate present. I seem like a man that has his goal in sight on some mountain side, but thre lies between a misty valley where fog covers all from his eyes, as he passes through them, as he crossed the river form whence they arise.

Going on, going on, watching,, praying and working is all I can do,certain that whatever happens I shall get out on the right side; but I will not turn back because I can’t see all I would like of the road before me.” John Alexander Dowie


Healing is on three planes: spiritual healing, soul healing, and body healing. Basically a person that is sick in body has been sick in spirit for a while, it has gotten into his soul and passed through into his body. John Graham Lake

Your Spirit

Your body is tired the moment your spirit is discouraged. Your body breaks down under it. As long as your spirit is triumphant, you are a victor and you can go right on. A man is defeated only when he is defeated in spirit. When he loses courage he is whipped. The only way to put the man back on his feet again is to renew a right spirit within him. John Graham Lake

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