Prayer Basics

Audio Titles

1. Prayer, the key to constant victory
2. Trained to pray by the word
3. The perfect way into His presence
4. True fasting and the honour of priests
5. Frist, we bring Him worship
6. To have favour in the land (Prayer, politics and the government)
7. This is the prayer of faith
8. Intercession, the primary assignment for all believers
9. The intercessor's call and the watchman's anointing
10. Prophecy or precepts, and living free of burdens
11. The heart of worship and genuine prayer
12. Receiving by faith and by peace (when delay happens)
13. How to keep doubt away and faith switched on
14. Getting rid of bitterness and praying from within the will
15. Personal purification through confession of sin
## God's plan for a nation. Praying for the new government (May 2023)
16. Neutralizing the real enemies of our souls
17. Spiritual activities aiding prayer; the need for agreement
18. Prophesying releases the power
19. Strength and courage for victory
20. Form the habit to meditate, says the Spirit
21. Driving out evil spirits
23. The blessing machine
24. He hears your conversations
25. Hinderances to answered prayers (1)
26. Precepts for answers (Hindrances to answered prayers - 2)

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