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Recently I was appointed to head a combined department at the institution where I work and that came with some extra duties beyond the obvious. This was an appointment I specifically prayed that I would not get because of the extra work it would impose upon me. I most certainly did not want it, but it came and I was not exactly in a position to refuse.

Almost every time I had cause to think about it or talk about it I would lament about the extra load of work and such things. Then a time came that something occurred to me, and I believe it was the Holy Spirit bringing me correction; I realized that even though I have always maintained an attitude of thanksgiving about everything, I never thought about being specifically thankful about this matter knowing that I had the strength and the wisdom to handle the challenge. For goodness sake all I had done up till that point was lament and complain.

Just by thinking about it I realized that I could do it and that I have the resources inside me because of the power of the Holy Spirit to do a very good job of it. I suddenly recollected that I have the spirit of Christ and that means the ability of Joseph and Daniel are all within me.

I am an overcomer.

I have the wisdom from above.

God is on my side and He is supporting me with His might.

No mountain is big enough to stop a man with the anointing of Zerubabel. It is not by my natural abilities but by the grace and power of God working with me (Zec 4:6).

See, wisdom and calm have since come into me, and things are moving faster now as if by themselves. I have been experiencing grace.

Friends, how often have we overlooked the resources of God inside us so that we allow little things overcome us. All the while this power of God was looking for the chance to demonstrate itself. We see giants as the 10 spies of Israel saw them and we faint, whereas if only we would face them they would vanish. David could have looked at the size of Goliath like the rest of the people of Israel and missed his opportunity for glory.

So you have been transferred to a tough department at your place of work or even church; rejoice because you can do it. There is no temptation that comes but that which God knows you can handle (1 Cor 10:13).

You are a salesman and you have a new territory that is said to be ‘dry’? Don’t worry about it; recollect that Lot got the wet ground while Abram got the dry one (Gen 13). Guess who ended up prospering more. Yes, it was Abram; the promise and power of God often require that dry land to manifest. Abram prospered so much he was able to rescue Lot when the time came.

Here are a few examples of how we think in certain situations and so often miss experiencing the power of God while focusing of the challenges.

==My mother-in-law who I don’t get along with is coming to stay with us for some time; I know I can’t stand her.

==He wants me to marry him, but he has so many responsibilities (I love her and would love to marry her but she is carrying so much of responsibilities); I don’t want to start my life with that kind of load.

==I have to spend more money than I budgeted for this; am I made of money or what?

==My children are growing and needing more time to guide them, and I still have to work. I hope I don’t go crazy.

==My boss has given me more assignments at work as if I could divide myself into two; I will just do the little I can, and let him do his worst.

==Now I have to pay taxes diligently as my business is growing, (or set to grow). That will eat into our profit much. How do I cut corners in this?

==The recent message I heard on the duty of Christians to give to the preaching of the gospel and to help those in need is putting a strain on my finances. Am I made of money or what?

==On my street, nobody else cares about the things that concern us all apart from me and one of the neighbours. Well I guess I will just abandon caring too.

==How can I as a pastor preach twice a week and still counsel people; do I know that much? I am just a young minister!

Don’t forget that God’s power is available to overcome these perceived giants and overcome all the challenges. The power of Christ is in every believer. Pray to God; give thanks for the power of Christ inside you and set out to tackle those challenges one at a time. You will be amazed.

Mountains and challenges become what you see them to be in the light of the power of God available to you.


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