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1. Money is a means of exchange but a poor store of value. Any money simply stored up is either stolen or gradually eroded away. “Moths destroy and thieves do break in and steal.”

2. What you do with your money shows what you believe and what you live for. Your heart and your treasure go together.

3. What you give to shows what you truly wish to prosper.

4. What you refuse to give to is what you do not believe in. What you say is not as important as what you do.

5. You always give to whom and what you love. Love is tied to giving.

6. Money is unreliable; it is not a faithful friend. You cannot tell when it will go away.

7. Money in itself is not evil, nor is it righteous; it is just a plain matter. It doesn’t take sides either with God or with the devil.

8. The character of money is given by the handler of it.

9. The love of money is a root of all sorts of evil. Once you put money first in what you do, you are a lover of money. It doesn’t matter what you preach or what you think you believe.

10. Loving money puts your spirituality in danger; it will lead to outright backsliding.

11. Peaceful money comes to those who do not set their hearts on acquiring money.

12. Peaceful money comes to those who know how to use it.

13. A cheerful giver is special in the eyes of God.

14. A wicked man doesn’t like to give.

15. A wicked man reserved all his money for himself and his family with him, at most.

16. Plenty money is disappointing to those who wait for it to make them happy. Money cannot buy satisfaction.

17. You cannot simply give your way out of poverty; there are other things to do.

18. Your sins are not forgiven by giving.

19. Money is never a substitute for a blood sacrifice. The blood of Jesus, and the forgiveness therein, is not acquired by money.

20. Money gifts convey the spiritual substance in the heart of the giver. There is no guarantee that you will receive money for giving money.

21. Give and don’t expect anything in return. Expecting something when you give is not the way faith works; it works by love. Love never ties a desire reward to its gifts.

22. God is able to make all kinds of grace flow in your direction, that you will become very rich, despite a very poor beginning.

23. God is the giver of all good gifts, not human ability or natural background.

24. If God gives you money, you will enjoy it. If you labour by yourself to acquire it you will be frustrated.

25. Always give to those who you desire to honour. Giving is honouring.

26. Giving money to get undeserved favour brings a curse upon you. It is called bribery.

27. It is possible to exchange your soul-energy for money through physical and spiritual transactions. If you succeed in doing this you won’t live long.

28. Heaven will never ask how rich you were when you lived on the earth.

29. It is possible to be very rich in money but Jesus will look down from heaven and see you as being very poor. Spiritual substance is more important.

30. The lack of money is not the root of all kinds of evil, though we accept that it may tempt someone to steal.

31. Prosperity is good while poverty is bad, but having too much of money is as bad as having too little of it; both are temptations in life.

32. You will never be judged for being rich or being poor.

33. Currency is mass delusion. Now, that is an interesting fact.

34. The world’s government deliberately erode the value of currency all the time. America was doing it to the tune of almost 100 billion dollars a month in ‘Quantitative Easing’ to come out of recession. Not funny!

35. You cannot give a portion of your income and think you have settled God. That is not Christianity. All your money belongs to Him and you must spend every penny in a manner pleasing to Him.

36. There is no one-cap-fits-all proportion in the Christian practise of giving. Some may be accepted with 5% while some other with 99.5%

37. Some persons are called into the giving ministry. Yes, there is such a ministry. Their main work for God is by giving.

38. First-fruit is not all your first salary; rather, it is that very first thing you do after making money. It is not the volume but that it is the first. It is a token of gratitude.

39. God doesn’t spend money, so he doesn’t receive it. What He receives is the spirit of the giver which is expressed in the act of giving. Are you giving to get, or giving to help?

40. A man of faith is always generous.

41. No matter how sweetly he talks about faith, a tight-fisted man does not have faith.

42. The widow of Zarephat did not prosper because of one single offering. It was her lifestyle to help the poor and to trust in God. We should wonder why Elijah got to her door to receive that one offering in the first place. There is a lifestyle that brings Elijah to your door.

43. Giving is a habit, not a payment when you need to get something.

44. Any money given to help the poor is given to God.

45. Every Christian should give to the preaching of the gospel.

46. If your pastor or preacher blesses you spiritually and you have some money, it is wrong to say ‘thank you’ with a handshake; say it with money.

47. You cannot inform God of what you gave so that He will give you back. It is a fatal error.

48. Investing your money so it can grow is godly, but don’t use that as a means of securing tomorrow.

49. A life spent chasing money is a wasted life, even if the person got plenty of it.

50. Having plenty money attracts unnecessary friends; while poverty drives away necessary friends. Manage both prosperity and poverty well to avoid these things.

51. Money is a tool, and must remain such. It is a great tool but a very wicked master. Don’t ever allow it become your god.

Jan 2014

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