Pastor Bankie If you are sick and need healing, read this. If you are called barren don’t worry, just read. If you have a loved one that is afflicted, take this news to them:

Every sickness has a cause; every sickness has a cure. A medical doctor knows very little. No matter how confident he seems, he is but a man. God has said ‘stop regarding man, one whose breath is in his nostrils.’ God in heaven has spoken concerning sickness. He said “I am the Lord, God of all flesh, there is nothing too difficult for me!”

Listen to me, every sickness has a name; the one worrying you now has a name (whether you know the name or not).

Again hear what God has said: “at the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee must bow.”

Listen to me; any sickness of whatever kind, any kind of affliction is a sign of the presence of the power of the devil. I have another news for you: “for this reason did the Son of God come, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” 1Jn3v8

There is nothing that afflicts mankind today that Jesus did not come to destroy. At the end of it, He said “all power in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” He now has all power and all authority over all kinds of infirmity of your body. He can, yes He can and He will deliver you.

Another thing, God loves you more than you can imagine. The Bible says that Jesus is touched with our feelings, when we feel our problems. That cancer pains Him too. You may not believe it but it is true. It really grieves His heart when you suffer. God really loves you; He is sad over all your sufferings. He wants desperately to heal you.

“If what you say is true, then why am I still sick?” you may ask.

Because God does not take what is not given to Him. As long as you carry it and mourn over it He can do nothing. All the power He released in Jesus cannot touch you except you give your problems to Him.

“He that comes to God must believe that He is and a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

Do you want God’s touch? Then you need to come to Him in faith.

What is faith?

It means “God I’ve come. It is you alone.”
You cannot come to God to try. No, God is not that human doctor that you change when he doesn’t please you. God is God. You must come to Him like Jacob. “I will not leave you unless you bless me.”

Was God concerned about Hannah in the Bible (1st Samuel 1)? He was! Yet we know that Hannah was barren for years until one day that she decided to take hold of God, then God answered her.

God is not to be ‘tried;’ He is to be believed. To believe, or to have faith in, means to rely on, trust in, and to be totally devoted to. All you have been doing is ‘trying’ God. That is why He hasn’t touched you with His power. Listen to this:

“He that trusts in Him will not be put to shame.” Is 49v23

God cannot fail. You haven’t come to Him yet; that is why you think He failed. God cannot fail. He said ‘I, by Myself created the heavens and the earth.’ Now, why can He not recreate your body?

Another thing, God wants to heal you inside out. Notice I said ‘inside out.’ Many have presented only their bodies for healing, yet their hearts are in their sins and iniquities. What do think God is? He is not a fool. If it were you, would you listen to their prayers? The Bible says:

“The Lords hands are not so short that He cannot deliver, but your sins have prevented Him from delivering you.”

Listen, God is itching to come into your life, to save your body, but you must prepare a way for Him.

“Make straight a way for the Lord… then His glory will be revealed.” Is 40. You need that.

Did you know that John the Baptist came preaching a gospel of repentance for the forgiveness of sin before Jesus could come with a gospel of healing? Well, if you didn’t, then know it now. God wants to forgive your sins, not just heal your body.

He will do both. He will, He will; I know what I’m saying.

You see, a lot of diseases are caused by sin. There was a time Jesus healed a man, after which He told him ‘go and sin no more so that a worse thing does not come upon you.’ That shows that sin can bring sickness. Also, before Jesus healed the paralysed man in Mark chapter 2, He first forgave him of his sins.

So you see, you need forgiveness of sins; you do. Thank God Jesus is forever ready to forgive. That was why He died; that was why He shed His blood. Let no one tell you that you are beyond forgiveness. In fact the Bible says that the amount of grace God releases depends on the amount of sin present. So you need not worry, His mercies never come to an end.

Come to Him today asking for the forgiveness of your sins and committing your body to Him for healing.

With God nothing shall be impossible.

Hypertension, Diabetes, AIDS, and cancer are all curable with God. Let no doctor deceive you.

God has given women who had no womb babies. God has raised the dead. Listen, Lazarus was dead for four days. There is nothing too difficult for Him.

If you will cry out to Him today, you will definitely be healed.

Look, the devil is the author of all sickness. Yes, he is but Jesus came to deliver you out of His hands.

This Jesus has sent this paper to you today; He has sent me to tell you that you will be healed. You don’t have to die. Your children need you; you wife needs you; your husband needs you. He does not enjoy hearing them cry; that is why He will heal you today if you will just reach out to Him.

Again, if you think that people are responsible for your sickness, know that Jesus said that all power is with Him. It is He that opens doors that men have shut, and when He has opened a door, no man can shut it. I am talking about Jesus, who has defeated all devils. No man is strong enough to stand when He walks into your situation.

Where is the power of this great Jesus?

Right next to you. In your hands right now; in your heart as you read this, and in your mouth as we go on to pray.

You don’t have to go far. God has been waiting for this moment when you will turn to Him to help you, when you will cry out to Him for that child of yours. He waited for this moment when you will cooperate with Him so that together you can tell both doctor and devil that sickle cell anaemia has a cure, and the name of the cure is Jesus. He has been waiting for this opportunity to flex His muscles over you.

O that you will dare to trust Him today. Your problem is too small for Him, your heart is His only problem (of course, I do not mean the physical heart in your chest; He can easily touch that too).
Shout to Him, ‘Lord you can have my heart; you can have my soul; I will hear and obey your will!’

If you are set, then I think it is time to pray.

Are you ready? Then say the following aloud:

“Heavenly Father, I come to you today. Thank you for sending this word to me. I believe in your love, I believe in your mercy.

“I recognise that Jesus has come to set me free. I claim my freedom today. In Jesus’ name.”

(Now address the sickness)

“You spirit of infirmity causing me this problem (name it), I command you in the name of Jesus to leave my body. Now!

“In the name of Jesus, I have been set free. You have no power over me. Jesus set me free by dying for me, by defeating you. Right now, therefore, I command you to loose your hold. In Jesus’ name.”

(Let’s address your body)

“My body, in the name of Jesus, I command you to receive life. I command you to receive health; I command you to receive the ability to function. I command you to be fruitful, in the name of Jesus!”

(Speak specifically to the areas of your body that is afflicted, as follows. Please feel free to use your own words)

‘My leg, be healed! Begin to walk!’
‘My brain, function well. Stroke, be gone!’
‘My heart, beat properly!’
‘Womb, be opened in the name of Jesus!’

(Declare this loudly)

‘I am healed in the name of Jesus.’
‘It is well with me; I shall not die.’
‘I am not diabetic; I am healthy.’
‘I am not hypertensive; Jesus took away my tension.’
‘Concerning me my Father has said “I am the Lord that heals you.”’
‘The spirit of life in Christ has set me free from sin and death.’
‘In the name of Jesus, I am healed.’

Now you have activated the healing power of God in your body. Know of a truth that your body is being healed right now. Yes it is.
Now, while the process is on, you must maintain this positive confession of the word of God as you have repeated above. The words are like medicine, you may need to take them daily and regularly until your healing is fully manifested.

“…they are life unto those who find them, and medicine to their whole body.” Prov 4v22

Keep your eyes focused on these words and meditate continually on the result that God said they will produce, which is your health. That way you are putting pressure on the Evil One; you have overcome and your victory will definitely be manifested.

Listen to me, the health is yours, you are not begging for it; you are just taking back what is yours. Walk around boldly therefore, declaring boldly and confidently that you have overcome.

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